The decision to establish The Potters Village was based on the realization that for many children in Africa, the future is uncertain and the reality of childhood is different and bleak because they are denied education, parental care, love and protection. Many of them suffer neglect, violence, exploitation and all kinds of abuse and therefore have to abandon their homes and roots to end up on the streets. Unfortunately, women who are the builders of our homes, responsible for raising children to become responsible adults, are least appreciated and mostly abused and neglected by their husbands and even sometimes the society in which they live. This underscores the need for a concerted effort from all stakeholders in maintaining the health, emotional and socio-economic wellbeing of women, as well as children.

We at The Potters Village believe that the survival, protection and empowerment of vulnerable people in society, especially women and children, should be our primary focus because they are the future of the nation. That is why The Potters Village is committed to helping women and children to reach their full potential and to have fulfillment in life.

What we do


We provide shelter, food, clothing and other material needs to all the children in our home.We provide shelter, food, clothing and other material needs to all the children in our home.


We conduct investigations into cases of abuse referred to us by collaborating agencies and make sure that the perpetrators are duly prosecuted or counselled.


We provide sponsorship for homeless and needy children to help them enroll in formal education, from day nursery through primary to senior high school level.


Our Counseling Unit assists abused children to overcome their emotional, psychological and social challenges. They are taken through educative sessions that focus on empowering and inspiring them to greatness.


Dr. Mrs Jane Irina Adu

CEO & Founder, The Potters Village.