The Potters Village apart from serving as an orphanage and a shelter for battered women, also organizes Special Programmes for the general public, Schools and members of the home. Monies raised from the general public through any of these programs are used to care for the children and women at the home.

Life Success Coaching

It is an intensive human development program intended to help individuals to lead Richer and Brighter lives without stepping on to toes of anyone.
The Coaching Program Will:

  1. Help individuals experience maximum productivity in their business.
  2. Help individuals sharpen their brain cells.
  3. Help individuals to choose the right career.
  4. Help individuals develop their talents.
  5. Help individuals to overcome the battle between work and family.
  6. Help to work on relationships (pre-marital & post marital issues)
  7. Help spice up your marriage.
  8. Help you to manage your home.
  9. The coaching also helps to offer Family Therapy (strained relationship among family member)

Emotional Healing

This is offered to the deeply wounded individuals. This exercise helps us empty our minds and prepares us to meet the higher power for our miracles.

It is a God-Centred program designed to shift limiting beliefs, hurts, and habits to offer a new fresh road to Awaken Your Inner Greatness so you can live a fulfilling Life including having the joy of harmonious relationships.

Marriage Counselling

Many beautiful wedding days are followed by years of misery and minimal happiness. For several reasons therefore, it is important that we help people prepare for marriage and avoid hardship, confusion and destruction. It is during pre-marital preparations and counselling that the basic facts in marriage are laid bare and explained to the would-be-couple who would be helped to understand fully what marriage really entails. In many parts of the world today, marriage is not a very stable institution. Many couples are not committed to their marriages. Some marriages are happy, others are not they are with difficulties that cannot be easily dealt with.

Because separation or divorce has negative effect on the family and the society at large, it is very important for couples to seek the help of a counsellor to help resolve conflicts and build better marriages.

Family Life Education

Family Life Education is the Formal and Informal way of developing in boys and girls knowledge, attitude and skills that will help improve on their quality of life and prepare them towards a responsible parenthood.

We can also describe Family Life Education as a way of informing boys and girls on acts of life in its physical, social, psychological and moral dimensions and helping to develop in them qualities and attitudes on which successful life depends. This education is usually based on the norms of the individual in society.

Anger Management Program

Anger is one of the human emotions which is very delicate to handle. In every relationship and interaction the feeling of anger is inevitable. Most of the times anger signals that something is not right with the relationship. Nevertheless, it can be a healthy emotion if it helps the couple create interdependence and not separation.

n our experience of anger, we either do one of the following: to suppress or express it. Whichever way it is handled: – suppress it or express it, anger has health implications for the perpetrators and victims. The effects of anger has a double edged sword – as it’s directed at others and could be internalized by angry individuals. Mace, (1982) stated that the two dynamic forces in every marriage are love which seeks to draw couple together and anger which tends to drive them apart. Bill Borcherdt (1989) said in his discussion of anger “of all the human emotions, anger has created the most harm and caused the greatest destruction within individuals, couples, families and between social groups and nations”

In Ghana, the incidence of violence in homes and within marriages against women and children are mostly kindled by anger. Most marriages have broken down simply because couples did not know how to manage their anger. Heinous crimes perpetrated against women and children have all been fuelled and sustained by unconstructive anger. The rate of domestic violence and murder caused by anger is quite alarming and unacceptable. This calls for a drastic approach to reduce these incidences to the barest minimum through intensive anger management training and subsequent counselling among other programs. It is against this background that The Potters Village has taken another step to include anger management as part of her programs for building and creating a safe haven in the homes for women and children.

Counselling and Mediation

Because of our individual differences, there is always bound to be confusion or misunderstanding in all relationships. A professionally trained person (Counsellor) has to use his / her skills to assist individuals who need help to deal with their concerns. This is done through Counselling – which is meant to provide avenues for healing or growth. Many people have defined Counselling in different ways, depending upon the recipients of counselling and at times the setting. It is an art and it seeks to restore breakdown in communication within a relationship.

It is a process, a way of responding and relating to another person – a person in need. So that he is helped to explore his or her thoughts, feelings and behaviour, resulting in a clearer self-understanding, then find and use own resources to cope more effectively with life in; making appropriate and right relevant and meaningful decisions. In counselling we recognize a need to offer help to the needy – wife and husband, youth, students, the elderly, the lonely who may have personal problems. Concerns of human relationships between parents and children, men, women, races/nations, presidents, his ministers/nation.

Counselling also provides healing and growth to many individuals who are hurting, confused, embittered, depressed, oppressed and dying. Counselling therefore provides avenues of healing or growth.