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Rebranding of the Potter’s Village

Early last year, we embarked on a rebranding project to better represent the new phase of The Potters Village. In this regard, we redesigned our logo and modified our mission and vision statements to reflect our new focus. This, by the grace of God went very well.  

Our New Logo

As our name suggests, The Potter’s Village is a community run by a Potter to mold lives of the underprivileged and the destitute.

So our new logo seeks to convey this message in a very simple and straightforward manner as seen below:


Logo 1a

New Logo

Old Logo

The main components of the logo are a

A Hut

– Representing the village setting        

A Hand

– The hand of The Potter

A Heart

– The heart represents the lives of the vulnerable woman and children who come to The Potters Village.  

The Mission Statement

We are committed to opening worlds of opportunities. We offer holistic training and tools to ensure harmonious living in families and provide a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and homelessness.

The Village Statement

We hold a vision of creating and ensuring peace and unity for national socio economic development in Ghana and beyond.

The following individuals made immense contribution during the rebranding process: Dr. Jane Irina Adu, Ms. Nadia Meherally, Ms. Millicent Bonney, Miss Amanda Adjei and the entire management team.

Initial Items Needed for Sponsorship

Initial Items Needed for Sponsorship
Bunk bed GHC600 + 100.
Matress- 350
Pillow 20.00
Suitcase 150.00
Bucket metal 50.00
Pale 2.00
Sponge bag 10.00
Blanket 40.00
Bedsheet (2) 20.00-40.00
Night gown/ morning coat Pajamas 60.00
Plate/cups/bowl/spoons 30.00
Sleeping cloth 2yards 30.00
Vest (4) 20.00
Panties (6) 30.00
School bag 80.00
School shoes (2) 50.00
Under knickers (3) 15.00
Chapel shoes (black) 30.00
Socks (4) 8.00
Body cream (2) 20.00
Hair Pomade (2) 20.00
Deodorant (4) 24.00
Rubber sandals (2) 30.00
TOTAL   GH¢1839