The Potters Village seeks to contribute immensely to the wellbeing of vulnerable and needy children in Ghana and the world at large. In this regard, our doors are open to individuals from all over the world, who share the same passion with us and seek to make a difference in the lives of others.

Within the last five years, we have received not less than three-hundred (300) volunteers, which include Ghanaian students and foreign students (who come through IVHQ) from countries likeUSA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and others.

If you are interested in offering voluntary service at The Potters Village, please download and complete our Volunteers Registration Form and send it back to us

You may also contact Charles, International Links Coordinator: +233 (0)24 499 0007

The Potter’s Village Volunteer Program

This is a volunteer program the Potter’s Village is running directly. It excludes all third parties. This means that patrons of this program shall deal directly with the Administration of The Potter’s Village.

Volunteering at The Potter’s Village are grouped under the following departments:

⁕ Projects
⁕ Home Care
⁕ Education

Individual volunteers are expected to affiliate themselves with at least one department of their choice. REGISTRATION: An amount of GH¢400 is paid, and it includes the following:

⁕ Airport Pick-up
⁕ Focal Persons fee
⁕ Orientation
⁕ Volunteers guide.

Donation Money: An amount of GH¢400 shall be taken as part of your contribution to the welfare of the children. This money shall be used to support the day-to-day running of the home, e.g. Food, fruits, water, etc.

In-country support: An amount of GH¢200 is paid to assist management deal with matters that directly affect the welfare of a volunteer. This is a one-time payment, which will last until your departure.


This document is to give you a fair idea of how much it costs to volunteer at The Potter’s Village. The fee covers rent, feeding & utility, etc. Please note that the amounts are for informational purposes only. They are subject to changes depending on the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Please confirm with us before any travel arrangements are made.

Here is the breakdown of the budget:

Rent & Utility Feeding
Length of stay Rent & Utility Feeding
GH (¢) US ($) EURO(€) GH (¢) US ($) EURO(€)
One week 150 28 27 220 49 42
Two weeks 230 50 47 410 90 77
Three weeks 350 78 73 620 137 117
One month 440 99 94 830 183 156
Two months 650 146 138 1,660 367 312
Three months 850 193 183 2,490 550 468
Four months 1300 283 267 3,320 733 625
Five months 1,500 306 289 4,150 916 780
Six months 1,700 353 334 4,980 1100 936
*1 US$ = GHC4.53  | 1 EURO €=GHC 5.32

(Conversion in Dollars and Euros are based on current exchange rates)


⁕ Feeding: Every volunteer will be given three square meals (with fruits). We can make arrangements for special meals upon request at a fee.
⁕ Rent and Utilities: This bill is a merged one where utilities include Water, Light and Maintenance.
⁕ Donation money: amount paid excludes any funds raised to support the Home or a project.

Thank you.