This is to guide and assist volunteers to communicate, locate destinations, and to know how to deal with the children and the people within the community.

Volunteering at The Potter’s Village has been grouped under the following departments:

  • Projects/Fundraising
  • Home Care
  • Education
  • Health

Volunteers are expected to affiliate themselves with at least one department of their choice.

Contact people in positions

Mrs. Jane Irina Adu Founder/ President 0243572386
Ms. Sophia Okyne Headmistress/Home Director 0245087247
Mr. Kwabena Adu Communications Officer 0542876993

NOTE : Kindly contact any of the persons on the list to assist you in any way relating to their field. However, all decisions must be communicated immediately to Mama Jane for final approval.



  1. The Potter’s Village Home- (Oboom) Old Ghanata school, house 4.
  2. Our new site – behind the Forest hotel
  3. Pharmacy – on the Dodowa market road and adjacent to the MTN mobile money transfer.
  4. Hospital
    – (Dodowa hospital-can be located at “Matekye”. Note: we only visit this hospital when we have emergency situations at the Home)
    – Legon hospital- Opposite University of Ghana (Legon).Mr Eric Gaisey may be of great help. He is the administrator.
    – Adenta clinic – Adenta barrier heading towards Adenta main station, it is found on the left handside of the road.
  1. Accra Mall – pick a trotro or a bus from Dodowa heading towards Accra, not madina. You would have to tell the mate (driver’s assistant) that you will alight at “Shiashi”. The mall is a walking distance from where you alight.
  1. Medina market – this market place is exactly where we bulk purchase foodstuffs for the home, You can also buy shoes, clothes, mattresses, beds and many other things   for the kids or for yourself.
  1. Dodowa Market – you can purchase fruits, vegetables and other necessities at the market with the assistance of Beatrice (domestic bursar) or Regina (focal Person).
  1. You can buy your beverages, biscuits etc from the shop close to the Potters Village or volunteers’ house. Note: to buy bottled drinks, you may have to go with an empty bottle or deposit an amount of money (GH 1.00 or GH2.00). You go for your money after returning the bottle(s).

Best Cultural Practices

  • Greet with your right hand.
  • Say “hello” to all staff, children and the people within the community.
  • Please do not use the “F” word on the kids, to the people within the community or even on a fellow volunteer.
  • Dress decently when you Visit the Home to teach or to do your normal daily activities. Note:

No short jeans for classes or church.


  • All donations in kind or cash should be presented to Mama Jane as soon as orientation ends.
  • Please do not be discouraged when your donations are not used immediately. Monies and items can be kept safe and used when needed.
  • We do not advice that you give any material or money to the kids, such actions should be channeled through Sophia (Home Director)
  • As food is always a necessity at Potters Village, if you would like to purchase food for the children, always go through Aunty Beatrice. She is in charge of all the food and will assist you .at the markets with food shopping.
  • If you want to do something special for the kids such as party during holidays, collaborate with Mama Jane, Aunty Bea and the Mama’s to make it a fun experience for everyone.
  • We advise that you bring your opinion about how your donation money should be spent (eg: feeding, education, health, clothing or project.( This is for those who were able to raise funds before coming or if someone gavea donation to support the work at the orphanage).

Please Note

  • Besides the few girls who assist Aunty Bea, the children are not to be taken to the Volunteers House
  • You may purchase toilet tissue from the grocery shop near the orphanage or volunteers’ home.
  • If you smoke, please do not smoke around where the children are.
  • The communications Director/ Focal person will pay weekly visits to the volunteers’ house. This will be done on Mondays.
  • Please do not bring strangers into the volunteer’s house; you may do so at your own risk and that of your colleagues.